April Skin Turn-up Color Treatment

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April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment
Content: 60ml

It's not a hair dye. It's actually a hair treatment which treats lifeless hair to a shiny, nourished, soft and smooth hair with a bonus sassy tint!

*The color lasts only up to 2 weeks
*This treatment will make your hair soft and shiny
*Moisturizing and nourishing the hair
*Made with 20 herb extracts and Jojoba seed oil
*It will not damage your hair. Unlike permanent dye, which expands cuticles to penetrate color inside, this hair treatment attaches the pigments on the surface of the hair. No hair cuticle will be damaged.

* Recommended for those who has damaged hair from series of dyeing and bleaching
* For those who want to change hair color frequently
* For those who want to nourish the hair while dyeing
* For those who want to achieve vivid and unique colors

Recommended Use for Full Head:
Boy Short – 1 treatment box
Short Hair – 2 treatment box
Medium Length – 2-3 treatment box
Long Hair – 4 treatment box

**Please also consider the volume of the hair. Mas makapal, more product is required.

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