April Skin Turn-up Bleach

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April Skin Turn-Up Bleach

10g Bleaching Powder
30ml Developing Cream

*All hair bleach can cause permanent damage to hair.
*The effect of bleach is permanent.
*Nourish your hair 1-2 weeks prior to treatment by leaving on VCO overnight, everynight.

Recommended Use for Full Head:
Boy Short – 1 box
Short Hair – 2-3 boxes
Medium Length – 3-4 boxes
Long Hair – 5 and up!

**Please also consider the volume of the hair. Mas makapal, more product is required.

Results may vary depending on the condition of hair such as shade, thickness and volume.

The bleach lifts color for up to 9x in one use. Rest the hair for a week before repeating the bleaching treatment. Tone the hair if desired.

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